Our ViruShield USA's faceshield is the Preferred COVID-19 Protection For The Public Because...
Everyone Is
At ViruShield USA  we ALL come from a long back ground of nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters, grocery store clerks, teachers, students and everyday people. 

So, while we LOVE all our Frontline workers , we love ALL our community and want to help everyone get back to work.. SAFELY.

Clear protection for everyday workers. Going to work  shouldn't make you feel like you're robbing a bank.
We offer discounts for nurses, doctors, EMT and their immediate family.
Protection for teachers, students, and school administration staff.
Realtors, Bankers, Executives, THIS is the new normal and we can help you look amazing! (While you stay safe)

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Constructed BY everyday  Americans,  with TOP quality materials FOR the protection of everyday Americans

How It Works

The ViruShield USA face-shield helps protect your eyes, nose and mouth from droplets transmitted from someone else’s sneezing or coughing.
The viral droplets and other infectious microorganisms that can reach your face can infect you via the eyes, mouth or nose.

While standard surgical masks are advised to use, they do not stop the Coronavirus, as the molecules are so small that they can pass through standard paper face masks.

You can visit our blog and see all the latest news on why our ViruShield USA’s unique design lessens the likelihood of inadvertently touching your face, further reducing opportunities for transmission.

Studies show that a professional face-shield like our ViruShield USA  reduces exposure by 96% when the a person transmits within 18 inches.

Why The Experts Find It Beneficial

  • Full Face Coverage Acts as an active barrier to aerosol droplets
  • ​Neoprene is used for comfort NOT foam  that collects virus cells
  • ​You can eat  comfortably while protected
  • Washable AND Re-usable
  • ​Extends life of Face Masks (so you save money)
  • ​Extremely Easy To Store For Future Use
  • ​Reminds user to NOT touch face
  • ​Can be worn by people with one ear
  • ​Made from an affordable, durable & lightest polycarbonate  

Face-Shields In The News

* We Are NOT Associated With The Today Show

 "...The fact that the virus has been found in the mucus membrane that covers the eye in a small number of patients, however, does suggest that the eye could be an entryway for the virus — and is one reason that face shields and goggles are being used to protect health-care workers."   April 1, 2020
Did You know EVERY Purchase Helps Feed a Hungry Child In South Florida?
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Hear The Word On The Street
"As a Realtor who is a mom first I LOVE the ViruShield USA Face Shield! My clients sees me, I see them, I can function AND stay safe.

 I went through 3 purchases before I found this company. THANK YOU GUYS"
Jasmine Lugo
Orlando Florida
"As both a professional server and a millennial entrepreneur I was looking for a face-shield I could use  all day long for serving if I had to.  Dependability was the first thing on my list. The fact that we get to help feed kids is just the icing on this purchase. "
Michael Bigler-Paniagua
Miami, Florida
"As a Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years in South Florida  I value quality PPE for both myself and my staff. 

These ViruShield Face Shields are professional grade, extremely light and  durable. "
Sonia Rubin
Broward, Florida
What Makes ViruShield USA's Face Shield Special?
 Our Face Shields are  engineered and constructed  with the following things in mind: Make them durable: So, we used polycarbonate and NOT plastic, acrylic or PET that breaks easier. Make Them Easy To Use: We made them anti-fog and crystal clear, so you can see out AND be seen. Make Them Safe : We use Neoprene and NOT foam or sponge. Neoprene is closed cell, what professional sports teams use in athletic equipment, and what hospitals use because unlike foam and sponge it will not absorb your sweat or spit particles from the air and is easy to clean. We made them to CDC specifics  and 15% of profits goes to feed hungry children in New York and South Florida. So, while it may LOOK like a normal face-shield...
We wanted to make a difference so... we started the company with the intent to do so. YES it IS special, so special that we gave it a name. ViruShield USA. 
Is My ViruShield USA Face Shield Reusable?
Yes, your ViruShield USA Face Shield is designed for a single user to use multiple times over and over again. 
Can I Wear It WITHOUT A Mask Underneath?
Yes, you can and YES, it will protect you based on the simulations the medical professionals in the country have done. However, for FULL community protection the CDC and everyone else recommends that you wear a mask to help prevent any spreading OUTWARDS from you to someone else. (Remember, Not everyone has a Face Shield on)
Will My ViruShield USA Face Shield work with My N95 OR Homemade Masks?
Your  ViruShield USA Face Shield will work with both, they will extend the life of your masks and save you money because you will NOT have to replace your face masks as often. 
*** Side note: If you explore our blog you will see that medical professionals advise you use to use BOTH especially in stores, malls, etc., or if you work in such an environment.
Is ViruShield USA's Face Shield For Medical Use Only?
Short Answer. No. Anyone can use them  for work, school, date-night (ok...maybe not date night) 
Long answer: No, while our Face Shield is deigned after CDC guidelines and we are registered with FEMA as of 4/2020 to supply the frontline if called upon. We wanted EVERYONE to have access to the ViruShield USA Face Shield because everyone is essential.
Will My ViruShield USA Face Shield Melt In My Vehicle?
Short Answer. No. That is only seen in inferior products being sold to the public  that fog up when speaking, they melt in cars, and put you at jeopardy. 
Long Answer: Yes... IF you apply a blow torch to the ViruShield USA Face Shield and keep it there it will eventually get over 311 degrees Fahrenheit (the temperature to begin to melt our shields) and melt.
However, blow torches and the interior of cars do not mix at all so please, do not attempt this.
Are ViruShield USA Face Shields Comfortable?
Yes.  Unlike other masks we do not use plastic fasteners that break NOR velcro that ladies hate because it pulls their hair (and loses its grip after a while. We have ALL been there) . Instead we use a secure elastic that is both light weight, mold resistant and makes the ViruShield USA Face Shield extremely easy to remove and put on. The forehead buffer is at the right depth so you have both the protection AND the ability to breathe and not feel closed in. It is also made from Neoprene which is SUPER soft and durable.  Your new ViruSHield USA Face Shield will fit well over glasses, is awesome for folks who need to be seen speaking, persons who need to read lips, and persons with one ear. 
Will It look like Those Ugly Bulky faceshields that say FACESHIELD on them?
No, your ViruShield USA Face Shield will NOT say FACESHIELD on it. #1 That looks tacky, #2  We do not feel you need a reminder that it is a face-shield, besides when you see yourself in the mirror it would read backwards. LOL.
 It will have a simple sticker to the side with our Website. Discreet. We like quiet props.
Where are ViruShield USA's Face Shields Constructed?
The professional work on the Virushield USA Face Shield is overseen by a local Luxury Yacht company in South Florida who is constructing this for us 100%  from USA materials. The Virushield USA Face Shield is made to CDC specifications. The ViruShield USA Face Shield is authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment (PPE). The ViruShield USA Face Shield is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances justifying the authorization of emergency use under Section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 USC 360bbb-3(b)(1) 
What If I Want A Refund?
While we laser on integrity to customer service. Due to the nature of the product AND CDC guidelines, once we ship we can NOT issue any refunds. While No warranties are expressed or implied we do have faith in our product. We didnt RUSH to put out a cheap product, we took our time, partnered correctly and #Boom, here we are.
Are There ViruShield USA Face Shield Bulk Discounts?
We offer bulk discounts, non-profit pricing and medical personal and law enforcement discounts.  As of 4/2020 we are registered with FEMA.
SEE BELOW for bulk orders.
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